How Long Does It Take For TTDeye To Arrive?

Can fake contacts damage your eyes?

Wearing decorative contact lenses can be risky, just like the contact lenses that correct your vision.

Wearing any kind of contact lenses, including decorative ones, can cause serious damage to your eyes if the lenses are obtained without a prescription or not used correctly..

Does Kim Kardashian wear colored contacts?

Kardashian West later took to Instagram to reveal that colored contacts were her “new obsession”, and shared a post on her app detailing why she decided to sport colored contacts for the ceremony. “This year at the Met, I wanted my glam to complement my ’90s-inspired gold Versace dress,” she wrote.

Does TTDeye check prescription?

TTDeye cares about our customers’ heath. According to the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA), any contact lens seller has the responsibility to verify the customers’ prescription before selling the lenses (US Region).

What is the best colored contact lenses brand?

What are the best colour contact lensesComfi Color 1 Day. comfi Color 1 Day is a vibrant and high-quality collection of daily disposable colour contact lenses. … FreshLook Colorblends. FreshLook Colorblends are one of the most recognisable and popular colour contact lens brands on the market. … Air Optix Colors. … Expressions Colors (Singles) … FreshLook Illuminate.

Is TTDeye a legit site?

TTDEYE is a scam. They will not deliver your parcel nor refund your money. It’s been more than one month of placing my order and it is still not delivered. The shadiest part is they are not transparent, they did provide me with the right shipping information.

Who owns TTDeye?

TTDeye was founded in 2011 with deep passion and rebellious spirit: to offer designer contacts at a revolutionary price. The story started from a collision of inspirations from two interesting souls – Roy Chou and Adam Chen.

Did Kylie lighten her eyes?

The beautiful all time favorite celebrity ❤️King Kylie Jenner ❤️ has been occasionally surprising everyone with subtle change in her eye colour… She has natural light brown eyes.

Can you return TTDeye contacts?

TTDeye Return/Refund Policy. 1. Items received within 14 days.

How long does it take for TTDeye to ship?

10-20 daysIt will take 10-20 days for shipment on normal situation.

Is TTDeye FDA approved?

Founded in 2011, TTDeye always insist on the principle of “customer first” to offer first class contact lenses products that accord with international quality verification, such as US FDA, ISO and CE.

Why are colored contacts illegal?

No, however some companies are operating illegally and using unsafe material for their products. If the colored contacts are not made with an approved material, the product itself is not FDA Approved and you’re putting yourself at risk wearing them.

Do contacts make your eyes look better?

Yes, the eyes will look bigger when wearing the contact lenses from the visual side. The contact lenses will make your eyes look spiritual, shining and big. That is why a lot of girls tend to wear the contact lenses to make them look beautiful at the whole look. They are attractive at the eyes.

How long do contacts last?

So, how long do contacts last? This will depend on the type of lens you have. Disposable lenses will generally last between one day to one month, while hard lenses (RGP and PMMA) can last up to one year or longer. You can start using contact lenses right away with approval and a prescription from your eye doctor.

Does TTDeye only take PayPal?

Yes, TTDeye does accept PayPal.

Are TTDeye contacts monthly?

As you can see,it looks like there is the galaxy in the eyes with this colored contact lens. Its water content is 38%~45%, And it is 0.004mm thick, so don’t worry about the comfort. The period of use is 12 months, therefor, the care for it cannot be neglected.

What color contacts does Kylie Jenner Wear?

Kylie Jenner wears Solotica Color Contact Lenses! Kylie Jenner has been spotted numerous times wearing Solotica in different colors and styles. Kylie’s blue eyes are Solotica Hidrocor Ice, Solotica Hidrocor Crystal, and sometimes Solotica Natural Crystal.

Why do colored contacts look fake?

Fake contacts lack this depth because they are more shallow, and the material doesn’t transmit light as efficiently as the collagen fibers that make up the cornea. So it’s sort of like not putting clear coat on, the color reflects differently, and this is easily noticed as being not normal.

How long do colored contacts last for?

Colored Contact Lenses can last anywhere from 1 Day to 1 Year after you break the seal. But it depends on the specific brand/lenses you’re using! Some last longer than others. You’ll need to refer to the packaging your contact lenses came in to understand exactly when your colored contacts will expire.

Are contacts better than glasses?

Contacts: Pros They give you more natural vision than glasses. They move with your eye, and nothing blocks what you see. They don’t fog up or get wet when it’s cold or rainy. Contacts don’t get in the way when you play sports.

Why are my contacts blurry?

Deposits on the contact lens Buildup of debris and protein deposits on the surface of the contact lenses is the most common reason for the lenses to seem cloudy or hazy. The easiest way to see if this is the problem, is to take the lenses out and compare the vision in your glasses.

Are TTDeye contacts yearly?

Prescription Colored Contact Lenses, Yearly Contacts – ttdeye.